Space Syntax Studies at Mersin University


The aim of this website is to share the space syntax studies conducted at Mersin University with the international scientific community. One of the principal lines of search is the creation of space syntax analysis (SSA) plugins and scripts for Free and Open Source Software for Geographic Information Systems (FOSS4GIS). In this context, a series of SSA plugins and scripts working on a number of different FOSS4GIS has been developed by Burak Beyhan for the last three years. Currently, the respective plugins are available for OpenJUMP, gvSIG, OrbisGIS, Quantum GIS, OpenEV, Thuban, MapWindow GIS, SAGA, and also R Project. SSA Plugins have been particularly designed for FOSS4GIS and released under the GNU GPL v2 license as it is also stated in the explanations given at beginning of the scripts for this purpose.


The respective plugins have been designed to perform basic line-network analysis, albeit some of them can also perform SSA for convex spaces (polygon networks) owing to the functions available in certain FOSS4GIS. SSA Plugins calculate the basic space syntax measures including connectivity, total depth, mean depth, global integration, local depth, local integration and control values for each basic spatial unit (BSU) (feature) involved in a spatial configuration (vector layer), and intelligibility value for the whole of the configuration. In addition to these parameters, users are also allowed to export adjusted graph created by the plugin to an external file in a social network analysis (SNA) file format for further analysis of the spatial configuration in the respective software environment.


You can download SSA plugins-scripts and related documents from the following links;




For further information please contact with Burak Beyhan.