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Documentation about SSA Plugins


The user of SSA plugins is assumed to know fundamental knowledge about the space syntax analysis (SSA) and geographic information systems (GIS). The plugin basically calculates the basic space syntax parameters particularly for line networks (axial lines, named streets or segment based) and makes it possible for the user to export the produced adjusted graph and geodesics to a social network analysis (SNA) software program file format (“.dl” or “.net” file) for further analysis of the spatial configuration concerned in the respective SNA software programs. You can download a simple installation and user’s guide from the following link;




An introductory paper about how to develop SSA and similar kind of tools in FOSS4GIS can be downloaded from the following link;




An illustrative case for the development of SSA Plugins in OpenJUMP can also be downloaded from the below link;




A book about the process through which SSA Plugins have been created for several FOSS4GIS can be downloaded from the following link (it also includes an extended version of the installation and user’s guide);