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SSA Plugins


You can download SSA Plugins from the following links for different FOSS4GIS for which the plugin is available. Please refer to installation and user’s guide in order to install and use the plugin in FOSS4GIS you prefer to use;



Files or folder to download

OpenJUMP – BeanShell

Space Syntax Analysis.bsh

OpenJUMP – Jython,,

OpenJUMP – Java

SpaceSyntax.jar, source file

gvSIG – Jython GUI

SSA folder

gvSIG – xml GUI

SpaceSyntax folder

Thuban – Python,,

OpenEV – Python

Quantum GIS – Python

spacesyntax folder

MapWindow GIS – VB.Net

SpaceSyntax folder, source file


space_syntax.dll, source file

OrbisGIS – BeanShell

Space Syntax Analysis.bsh

R Project – R Script

Space Syntax Analysis.r